Book Savers’ Contribution

Book Savers is a book recycling company with the sole purpose of collection and recycling vast amounts of Britain’s books.

Book Savers will collect all books regardless of their age, type, and condition. All books collected are recycled in an environmentally sound way, with a policy not to let any books go to the landfill.

Books For Africa

The African Perspective

There is a serious lack of educational provision and as a result of this, widespread illiteracy remains a major barrier to the development of African countries.

Another area the Book Savers project helps to tackle, and something you can get involved with, is Sustainability.

“33 million children in Africa are unable to go to school because there is no school and no teacher… four million new teachers are needed by 2015, if every African child is to go to school in a class with no more than 40 students per teacher.”Koichiro Matsuura – Director-General of Unesco 2008
“Illiteracy is the greatest threat to the development of Africa because it undermines our fragile democracies”Koichiro Matsuura – Director-General of Unesco 2008
“In 2000, the average literacy rate in Sub-Saharan Africa was 52 per cent for women and 68.9 per cent for men, with gender disparities prevailing in 75 per cent of the countries in the region.”Koichiro Matsuura – Director-General of Unesco 2008
“Primary school enrolments and literacy rates in Africa are among the lowest in the world. 42 million school children in Sub-Saharan Africa are not enrolled in school. Many children cannot afford to go to or stay in primary school.”Koichiro Matsuura – Director-General of Unesco 2008


Sustainability of our natural environment is one of the major challenges facing modern society. With natural resources being consumed at an alarming rate, it has never been so important to recycle. Recycling books and other paper products is one way in which we can help to combat this problem.

“70% less energy is required to recycle paper compared with making it from raw materials… 12.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard are used annually in the UK… It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper.”Facts: The Guides Network, June 2008
“Sustainability means living, working and behaving in a way that will sustain the integrity and biodiversity of the local, regional and planetary ecosystems on which all life depends. It means finding ways to achieve the quality that we seek in our own lives without sacrificing the quality that Earth’s many and varied ecosystems need.”Guy Dauncey

Book Recycling

Book Savers’ Contribution

Book Savers is currently developing means to assist orphanages in Africa (Country-Side Orphanage, Ghana, Little Saints Orphanage, Nigeria and SOS Children’s Villages, Nigeria) with the educational needs by donating books for the orphans.

Please join our exciting book recycling scheme by calling us on our free phone number for more details or simply to ask what other benefits we can offer.

Book Collection

By recycling your books with Book Savers, you help to ensure they are reused. With your efforts we can continue to raise funds to contribute to our various projects such as the school we built in Africa as well as supporting literacy and numeracy in developing countries.

Recycling Solutions

Our integrated recycling solutions have assisted our partners to substantially reduce the amount of their waste stream. This not only cut down their carbon footprint, but also helped to reduce their waste disposal bills and increased their contribution to Sustainability.


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